Liberty Re-searches

Garb: stola (robe); pilleus (brimless skullcap) vs. diadem (crown)
Figure: Columbia and Libertas (goddesses of freedom and liberty)
History: there used to be thousands of oyster beds surrounding Liberty Island; the island was used as a site for quarantine and immigration
Funding: the use of liberty bonds and alternative ways to fund (The World Magazine conducts a drive to raise money and promises to publish everyones name to finish construction on the statue)
Transportation: parts of the lady travel around france to expos and fairs and then her body is floated across the ocean
Architecture – interior staircases and the concave shape of Columbia’s body; scaffolding around the statute
People: Édouard René de Laboulaye and Joseph Pulitzer
Columbia is a historical and poetic name for America – and the early United States of America in particular, for which it is also the name of its female personification. There are two interior spiral staircases; ‘The World’ characterized it as “more like a glowworm than a beacon.”; On February 18, 1758 the Corporation of the City of New York bought the island for £1,000 for use as a pest house.

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